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OmTalent is South Africa's leading BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) provider. The world has become a significantly smaller place and the way businesses function has been revolutionized. This has not only changed the way we work but forced innovation in every industry. Having cost effective, talented, remote, international employees on your team has never been easier!

Our mission is to provide companies across the globe with top South African talent.

The world has become a significantly smaller place and the way businesses function has been revolutionized. This has not only changed the way we work but forced innovation in every industry. Having cost effective, talented, remote, international employees on your team has never been easier! 

OmTalent empowers you to build a remote team based on your specific needs. Outsource your team requirements to us and give your business the focus that it deserves.

We work together to build your remote team, manage your OmTalent team members, handle all payroll and HR compliance, provide technical support and so much more! We grow with you as your business grows.

Our Story

“I’ve been running businesses for over 8 years locally and abroad. During my time in New York at the start of the “great resignation”, I had a vision to fill the staffing shortage in the US with South Africa’s top talent. South Africa is bursting with intelligent, qualified, and experienced candidates, however, the huge job shortage locally means many are unemployed and stuck. What better way to solve one staffing crisis with another. My team and I have worked extremely hard to expand the vision, and it has been so exciting to open up many opportunities for South African individuals in the fields of recruitment, sales, customer support and administration in 6 countries. Our growth over the past few months has been exponential and this is only the beginning!” 

– Dan Chazen, Founder & CEO


OmTalent provides companies across the globe with a unique and specialized BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) solution.

We pride ourselves in providing reliable, affordable and talented outsourced team members to help your business grow! This is all done without impacting the bottom line that has become commonplace with traditional recruiter models. We also provide a turnkey solution, where we recruit, set up and manage the team members – we become active partners in your company’s success!

So… Why OmTalent

OmTalent is not your average BPO solution

Experts in talent management and recruiting

High quality, motivated, South African talent

All candidates speak English as their first language

Customized and cost effective pricing structures

Teams range from 1 team member to over 100

We handle alll HR and payroll legalities

We provide and set up and manage all IT hardware

Allowing you to focus on your core business

Your team member works on your time zone

We support you every step of your OmTalent journey

How We Work

OmTalent is with you every step of your BPO journey

Step 1

Schedule a virtual meeting to discuss your BPO talent requirements

IT Support

OmTalent provides and sets up a workstation for your outsourced team member. We’ll assist to integrate with all your systems and software (VOIP, CRM, Email)

Our Talent Pool

Step 2

Virtually meet with top talent and hand pick your outsourced team members

HR Support

Our HR team ensures that all team members are employed correctly, payroll, PTO etc… is handled and are excited to come to work! Less stress, more business success!

Step 3

Onboard and train your new outsourced team member. We’ll facilitate and assist throughout the training process

Team Management

We keep a close eye on things to ensure your outsourced team member is performing. From oversight of tasks, check-ins, briefs, and report backs, we’ve got you!

Our Leadership & Internal Team

OmTalent is proud to employ industry leaders at our offices in South Africa, USA and Israel. Our team is committed to ensuring a unique and successful BPO experience for our clients.

Want to join a growing, dynamic and innovative BPO company? We are always looking for top talent to join our team in various roles.

Dan Chazen

Dan Chazen

Founder & CEO

Chris Gardiner

Chris Gardiner

Chief Operating Officer

David Fohrman

David Fohrman

Senior Vice President - Sales

Claire Oosthuyse

Claire Oosthuyse

Chief Human Resources Officer

Siyanda Yabo

Siyanda Yabo

Head of Marketing and Culture

Leanne Rubin

Leanne Rubin

Admin & IT Support

Thando Msomi

Thando Msomi

Team Manager

Sammy Balsam

Sammy Balsam

Sales Executive

Avadya Moritz

Avadya Moritz

Sales Executive

OmTalent provides BPO services to many industries

Read the stories of how OmTalent helps our clients

“After spending many months searching for talent we have found the one company that handles it all. The professional team at OmTalent walked us through the simple process of building our remote team from start to finish and we couldn’t be happier with our tech savvy, well spoken agents. Our customers are smiling and so are we!”                                             – Joseph Richard, CCA POS

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We know that outsourcing certain business functions can be daunting and sound impractical. However, in today’s world outsourcing has never been easier and we’re here to guide you on your journey, every step of the way. Our OmTalent team is ready and waiting to make your entry into the world of BPO as easy and seamless as possible. Reach out today and let us show you how!

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