Crowdfunding has become an incredibly popular fundraising method, this method of fundraising has been extremely successful in the USA and many organizations make use of this concept to facilitate their donation campaigns.

One of our clients approached us with a unique request. Would we be able to assist with reaching out to potential donors for a specific campaign. The organization, an NPO, did not want to commit to long term staff.

This was not an issue for OmTalent and we developed a 6 week donation support program specifically for them.

We implemented a team of 5 who would spend the 6 weeks reaching out to donors over the phone and on email. The NPO provided all the scripts, templates, data and organization knowledge needed to fundraise.

We were able to reach out to all donors over the campaign period and were successful in meeting the campaign target.

(in order to protect the companies identity and privacy, we have not disclosed their name)