BYO VOIP is a specialized telephony and VOIP company who services small businesses across the USA. Their headquarters are in California. BYO traditionally focused on physical on-site PBX systems and with the rapid changes in technology, they have created a new cloud based offering.

BYO VOIP is a well established company with many legacy clients and were searching for a cost-effective way to upsell their new service offering to their existing clients. Their extensive search led them to OmTalent.

We recommended a team of 10 outbound sales representatives as well as 2 managers. BYO VOIP provided our team with a full product training and they quickly became experts at VOIP sales. All databases of existing clients were provided and within a few weeks our teams were hitting the phones.

Within 4 months, our outbound sales team had managed to convert over 60% of BYO’s on-site PBX systems to cloud based solutions and we are not stopping there. BYO has now tasked Om Talent with generating new leads and finding new companies. We are helping them grow their business on a daily basis.

(in order to protect the companies identity and privacy, we have not disclosed their name)