A medical billing company based in Woodmere, Long Island, NY were drowning in paperwork and desperately needed a solution to manage their workflow.

One of their senior staff members previously heard how OmTalent assisted another billing company with their staffing needs; they recommended us to their management team.

From our initial meeting we knew that this would be a challenge as the medical billing industry is extremely paper oriented. How does one take a business that is so reliant on physical documents and digitize the process? After a thorough analysis we came up with a hybrid model for our client.

All documents are delivered to our New York office where they are scanned and uploaded to a document management portal. This cloud based portal encrypts each file and allows the South African based team to access everything.

We implemented a team of 4 administrative assistants and 1 manager. The team simply works as if they were in the US and performs all necessary tasks.

The medical billing company was shocked that our skilled team of 5 people worked out to be much cheaper (and way more efficient) than hiring 2 full time staff members in the USA.

(in order to protect the companies identity and privacy, we have not disclosed their name)