In 2020 during the COVID-19 Pandemic, a medium sized insurance house, was forced to lay off 20 of their call centre agents; they had recently launched a plethora of COVID-19 insurance benefits to combat the numerous product cancellations they faced. They were only able to retain 5 of their agents and their phones were inundated with new product requests as well as support and cancellation requests for their existing products. Their small call centre of 5 agents simply could not handle the number of calls and their business was suffering.

Additionally, the insurance company was forced to send their employees to work from home and had an extremely difficult time managing their staff remotely while trying to keep up with running a business during the pandemic.

The insurance company was at a loss of what to do until one of the VP of Sales’ friends referred them to OmTalent.

We jumped on board straight away. After a short analysis we recommended a cost-effective team of 15 customer service agents which included a dedicated manager and liaison with the insurance company. The team was recruited, trained, set up and integrated with the company’s internal phone and CRM system within a matter of weeks! Just 21 days after our first call, we began handling the hundreds of calls they were receiving on a daily basis in the most professional and efficient manner.

“OmTalent literally rescued us at our darkest hour – within 3 weeks we had a full team of call centre support agents (that we could afford!) and were able to keep up with our demand, today our COVID-19 insurance product range are our best sellers and are supported by OmTalent!”

David, O – Vice President, Sales

(in order to protect the companies identity and privacy, we have not disclosed their name)