A startup e-commerce retailer based in Florida, USA, approached us to assist them in creating a cost effective operation to handle their queries, returns and new orders.

Our team enjoyed working with the founders of the startup from the inception of their idea and we were able to build them a full back office support team. We further assisted the retailer with the setup and integration of their Shopify Store.

The retailer’s OmTalent team works 24/7 and comprises 8 hour shifts. The day shift has 8 people and 2 managers, and the night / after hours shift has 4 people and 1 manager.

With this model the e-commerce retailer is able to provide their clients with uninterrupted support.  An extremely rare and costly operation if it weren’t for OmTalent. Customers are greeted by our well spoken staff and feel at ease with their professionalism.

The team runs all the back office support including, dealing with queries, returns, new orders, stock level monitoring, ordering new products, triggering returns and assisting with customer refunds. Owing to the advanced technology of Shopify, agents are able to trigger refunds, place orders and send queries directly to the shipping company – all from South Africa. (It’s as if they were on the ground!)

(in order to protect the companies identity and privacy, we have not disclosed their name)